Wilson Spady’s Store

Wilson Spady’s StoreThis store had a varied beginning.  “Uncle” Matt Crumpler, great uncle of Frank Spady, Jr. ran the butcher shop across from the grist mill and needed a place to do his night paper work.  He rented the Owen’s store (which was adjacent to the Pinner home now next to the 7 eleven) to meet this need, but realized it would be better to add on to the already existing Spady auto repair shop next door to their house than having to pay rent.  Thus began the Wilson “Foots” Spady Store.  “Foots” was Matt Crumpler’s great nephew and brother to Frank Spady, Jr.  The items carried in this store were rather limited and might be what one would call a company store.  Workers from Mr. Crumpler’s meat market were paid and like most stores the patrons were those who worked for the store owner, thus many came up the hill to his store, operated by Wilson Spady, for many of their necessities.   This store was closed for business circa 1960.  Wilson “Foots” Spady passed away in 1981.  I know of a member of the community who tried to store a set of “unlawfully removed” fender skirts under the counter in this store.  The subject vehicle was in the front of Moore’s store, at night, with a set of skirts that were needed by someone else.  A young 10 year old boy removed same and then had to give them back since “Foots” knew from where they came.  Name of this person shall be held in confidence by this writer.  Frank Spady, Jr. relayed the following story that “Foots” hated rats so bad that he would sneak out to the store at night, flip on the lights and shoot them with a shot gun.  Only problem was on one occasion he blew holes in his drink box at the back of the store which cost a great deal of money in those days.