They are the primary focus in most communities.  Families and the people who reside there are a vital fabric that contribute to the well being of the community.  The Chuckatuck area is no different.

Many of the families are long time residents and some are relatively newcomers.  Older family names like Barlow, Bass, Beale, Bradshaw, Brock, Brown, Butler, Byrum, Cargill, Chapman, Copeland, Cowling, Darden, Dailey, Diggs, Duff, Fulgham, Gayle, Glover, Gilliam, Godwin, Graves, Gray, Haas, Hall, Holland, Howell, Jackson, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Kelly, Kirk, Martin, Moore, Norfleet, Oliver, Pitt, Pope, Porter, Powell, Pruden, Raine, Rippey, Saunders, Smith, Spady, Turner, Underwood, Whitfield, Wilson, Winslow and Woolford continue in Chuckatuck memories of yesterday as well as those living today.

People in the Chuckatuck community come from a diverse cross section.  They include family members who are farmers, workers, professionals, store owners, participants in its various organizations, schools and churches and are citizens from all walks of life.  They make up the previous and current history of the Chuckatuck area.

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Bradshaw FamilyBradshaw Family

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