First recorded Land Grant


The first land grant found for Chuckatuck was in 1635 although by 1619 there were some nineteen plantations along the James River that were represented in the First House of Burgesses.

Merchant of Chuckatuck


In the Admiralty Court of London in 1639 made by Thomas Davis, born 1613, son of Captain Davis that he was a Merchant of Chuckatuck in Virginia age 26.

Chuckatuck Grist Mill


200 acre land grant given to Richard Bartlett to build a Grist Mill at the head of the Chuckatuck Creek.  For more information see section on Marl.

Chuckatuck Grist Mill commences operation


Mill went into operation and ground meal continuously for over 300 years. In 1820 it burned and was reconstructed on the same foundation as the original one.  A mill stone, still in place today has been recorded as possibly the oldest remaining piece of mechanical equipment in the Tidewater area.

Anchorage Plantation


The home was constructed in 1685 and has been used as a residence since then.  It is currently being lived in by Cornelius and Anna Lee Duff.

Pembroke Plantation


This home has seen many wars and had cannon balls from the war of 1812 lodged into its walls.

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