Chuckatuck - Crossroads in Time

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Book Post Print Corrections

Chapter One, Page l – Photograph of whale vertebrae.
Found in Chuckatuck marl pit by Harvey Saunders, Sr. who gave it to his grandson, David Saunders.  A Smithsonian geologist identified this artifact as 13 million years old.    Photo by Jackie U. Saunders.

Chapter Five, Page 89 – Four Chandler brothers (left to right) – William, Cameron, Harvey.  Seated – Robert

Chapter Five, Page 93 – Osmond, Marvin, Alice Lee and Susie Underwood.

Chapter Five, Page 106 – Milner’s – Date of brick should read 1775.

Chapter Seven, Page 152 – bottom picture left to right – Jack Darden, Jodie Underwood, Osmond Underwood.

Chuckatuck History Book