Getting Started

In Southeastern Virginia lies a group of villages and crossroads whose contributions to the growth and prosperity of Virginia and our nation are vast and varied. History books contain many tales of this area — filled with adventure and discovery, struggle and triumph, ingenuity and invention, love, mystery, deception, war, religion and politics.

Many stories of the Greater Chuckatuck area have gone unwritten, however, and are at risk of being lost forever. The Greater Chuckatuck Historical Foundation (GCHF) decided to change that. The GCHF created the vision: “Making the Past Come Alive for Future Generations.” It became our guide.

GCHF was formed to capture as much local knowledge as possible for preservation and distribution. Much of our earlier history was unfortunately lost in four Nansemond County Courthouse fires (years 1734, 1779, 1837, and 1866).

ChuckatuckHistoryBookOur work was not only historical, but also a compilation of oral interviews, audio tapes, and personal recollections /records of many people. A great many citizens, both past and present, were responsible for supplying the information that can be found in Chuckatuck – Crossroads in Time and its accompanying DVD.

Their stories were intertwined with historical records when appropriate. Some of the material may not always be “politically correct” and oral stories sometimes differ as they come from a diverse group of individuals comprised of many ages, races and cultures. However, as we strive to be true to all of those participating, we will tell “their story in their words.”

Thus began our journey recording the history of the Greater Chuckatuck area. We hope you will be inspired by what you see and hear in the book/DVD. We ask that you join us in further gathering materials and information to compile our history before it is lost forever. This website gives you that opportunity. It is your story, too.

Remember, together we are “Making the Past Come Alive for Future Generations.”