Haas Family

Haas FamilyEdward and Frances Haas moved to their farm behind Oakland Church on what is now Audubon Rd in the summer of 1949.  They had come from Hampton, VA with their two children, Conrad and Ann, etc. where Edward was the owner of the Rondavous Resturant   Edward and Frances immigrated from Germany in the late 1920’s becoming naturalized citizens at the Norfolk Federal Courthouse in 1941 and 1943.

Farming was a new challenge for the family and people like Al Glascock, W.G. Saunders, the Brown brothers, Mr. Savage and “Capt” Bill Rippey among others provided useful agricultural advise on how the grow peanuts, corn and hogs.  Conrad enjoyed playing football and basketball for Chuckatuck High School while Ann was a basketball player.  They graduated in 1953 and 1961.

Conrad later graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (called VPI in those days).  He found his degree in Agricultural Economics useful being a feed salesman for Allied Mills, Inc., a market news reporter for the Virginia Dept. of Agriculture and a supervisor of the Chocolate Department for Planters Peanuts in Suffolk.

Family Members

  • Ann Haas
  • Frances Haas
  • Conrad Haas
  • Edward Haas