J.J. Johnson’s Store

J.J. Johnson’s StoreThis store was just down the road (beginning of what we called the ridge) yet not far from the  intersection where Gwaltney’s, C.C. Johnson’s, Spady’s, Owen’s and Moore’s stores were located.  The original J.J. Johnson store was a small wood frame building with living quarters upstairs for two brothers of Mr. Johnson.  The store sold penny candy, some groceries and gas.  In 1948 a cinder block building was constructed adjacent to the smaller framed building and would become known as “Johnson’s Self Service”.  There was a small auto garage at the back of this building.  In the new store they had a beer license, meat that needed to be cut, and they upgraded their grocery selection.  Corn herring and cod fish were a staple and stored in large wooden barrels packed in salt.  Like other stores credit was a way of business and patrons paid when they could.  If they did not and there were occasions when it happened, no court actions were ever taken as best Jesse J. Johnson, Jr. can remember.  Adjacent to the “Self Service” store was an automotive garage that was built and run by the Johnsons.  The Self Service store closed in the 1970s and the building has been used for several other ventures.  The large garage is now know as Dale’s Garage and is still the local automotive repair shop.