Glover’s Store at Gloversville

This store was built in the 1930s by Mr. C.W. Glover, founder of Gloversville. The store was constructed right after the depression and closed in the early 1940s after about ten years of operation.  It was a general store and acted as an auxiliary post office.  Mail from Chuckatuck for residents of the Cedar Brook and Holiday Point area, if not picked up at the main post office, would be delivered there for future delivery by Mrs. E. L. Bowden.  This store served the local tenants from a number of farms in the area.  In addition to the store there were four houses in the area of Gloversville which ran from the railroad bridge to the African American ball diamond.  The store has since been torn down but one of the two houses there now is an original while the other is new.  There was once a Glover’s store located on Longview Drive, but it was closed before the depression.   Not much is known about that store.