C.C. Johnson’s Store

C. C. Johnson’s StoreThe chronology for the C. C. Johnson store goes something like this. It is believed that it was built by E.C. Ramsey (date unknown) and run by him for a period of time.  In 1891 Samuel C. Webb and Susan M. Webb, his wife, deeded the ¼ acre lot to M. W. Crumpler and Charles Bernard Godwin Sr.  Mr. Crumpler sold his 50% interest to Mr. Godwin in 1892.  An early 1900s picture of the store reveals signs that read “Godwin” and “Chuckatuck Post Office”.  The store must have been operated by C. H. Pitt in 1935 when he deeded the entire stock in that store and the adjacent Pitt store to his daughter Mary and her husband, C. C. Johnson.  In 1937 Mr. Godwin leased his store to Mr. Johnson for a period of five years at $18.75 per month.  A deed transferring the store and ¼ acre from Mr. Godwin to Mr. Johnson dated January 17, 1940 states that the lot was known as the “Meador Store Lot”.    Mr. Johnson ran the store until the mid 1960s when he leased this building and the “little” store to Wesley Doyle.   In 1968 the store caught on fire and was not rebuilt.  The memories of Mr. C.C. Johnson, Jr. described that store in depth and will not be repeated here.