Transportation for Oakland community

The means of transportation varied. In the early history, family members walked, rode horses, and rode in horse and buggy. Mr. Daniel Hall rode a horse drawn cart up into the 1950s. The steam boat was used for travel to Norfolk and Newport News and other distance places. They departed from Chuckatuck Creek.

The Trailways Bus came through twice a day traveling to and from Suffolk, Norfolk and other destinations. One bus came in the morning traveling to and one in the afternoon returning.

When residents had to go to work, there was bus service by Mr. Shaderack Brown to Planters Peanut Company and Suffolk and by Hilton Hudgins from Hobson. The other persons that worked in other places such as the shipyard, caught buses that came through.the community. Mr. David Jackson provided transportation on Saturday for those who wanted to go shopping in Suffolk. Other means of transportation was “thumbing a ride” with someone going your way.

From the 1940’s, 1950’s and on, students rode the bus to East Suffolk High School.