Children growing up in Oakland community

oakland elementry school 1930Children did not have a lot of time to play because of the family chores that they had to do daily. With the moments that they had, they had lots of enjoyable times. Most of their play was group activity play. They made up their own games, played jump rope, baseball, played family, made mud pies, played church, played school. The girls played with dolls that they made using a soda bottle for the doll’s body and twine for her hair and with the ones they got for Christmas.

oakland-elementary-school-img217Christmas time was a special time. Children usually received one toy along with fruit and candy. Since candy was not eaten regularly, it became a real treat. There were very few purchased toys. The children made their own baseballs sometimes, their bats were sticks, ropes were from farm rope. One thing that the children use to make was cherry shooters made from reeds in the marshy land. They also liked to play cowboys and Indians and hide and seek.

The children and parents would listen to radio on Sunday evenings, and visit other family members who lived close by. The drive-in movie became popular in the 1950s. Black and white television was introduced and replaced listening to radio.