Pecks Cheap Goods store


This store now known as Gwaltney’s store is still standing at the crossroads of Chuckatuck.  Local historians think there was a trading post/stage coach stop in the early 1700’s.  The current building was constructed circa early 1800’s.  For more information on the stores of Chuckatuck go to Stores information.

Wesley Chapel Methodist Church


Wesley Chapel Church was built in 1850 having been a splinter group from the Oakland area.  For more information click on churches.

Post Office at Everets


In 1874 J.R. Kirk made application for a Post Office at Everets.  First of several in the area.

Brick Company at Reids Ferry


In 1901 Nansemond River Brick and Tile Co. was incorporated.  In its hay day it produced 12 million bricks annually.

Ferry Service


In 1909 Captain Will Matthews of Chuckatuck and Captain John Quincy Adams II of Crittenden started a ferry service from Chuckatuck to Newport News, Norfolk, and Portsmouth.



On November 12, 1921 electric service was provided by Bernard W. Godwin from his Ice Plant in Chuckatuck.  This system was adjacent to the Chuckatuck Grist Mill and operated by water from the adjacent lake.

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