Oakland Elementary School

Oakland Elementary SchoolOakland Elementary School was the school where the local children attended. According to records, it is known to have been open in the early 1900s. Many residents completed the Oakland Elementary School and then continued their education at East Suffolk High School in Suffolk. Some of those that attended college and those who received Bachelor Degrees were: Miss Ira Johnson, Mr. George Lewis Cowling, Ms. Dorothy Cowling, Ms. Helen Glover. Dr. Bernard Glover, S. Eugene Porter, Leroy Porter, Lawyer Leslie Smith (who was murdered in Washington D. C. in the prime of his career), Savannah Williams, Mary N. Wilson-Copeland, Sevella Wilson-Barcliff, Lorine Wilson-Watkins,Azurea Robinson-White, Joan Boothe-White, Larry Boothe, Lindwood Edwards, Shaderack Brown, Thomas Brown, PhD, and others.