Masonic Lodge #7

Masonic Lodge # 7The old lodge building adjacent to the Chuckatuck library is still in use by Bethel Lodge No. 7.  This lodge was chartered in 1974 with Brother Roosevelt Jones and sixteen other members with permission to charter Bethel after dementing from Israel Lodge of Portsmouth, Virginia.  Brother Roosevelt Jones was the first Worshipful Master.  This lodge continues to progress today.  The principals of Lodge No 7 are the same as those of any Masonic lodge as listed above.  The sixteen member of Bethel Lodge No 7 are:  Walter L. Jones Sr., Earle Townsend, Calvin Diggs, William Mason, Benjamin Goodman, Eugene Goodman, Nelson Turner, Willie Turner, Larry Turner, Raymond Young, Charles Turner, Roosevelt Jones, Benford Williams, Earnest Sharpe, Horace Sharpe and David Ward.  In the words of Brother Roosevelt Jones “Our purpose is to promote manhood, submit to the widows, police the neighborhood, volunteer and be charitable, and for many years around Christmas and Thanksgiving, our goal, we try to make families throughout the community have Christmas and Thanksgiving”.