Chuckatuck Bridge Club

The Chuckatuck Bridge Club was formed in 1960 with eight charter members.  They were Janie Vicars Morris, Chasie Sykes Laine, Peggy Rudacille Chapman, Betty Staples Glasscock, Jean Tomko Chapman, Joyce Reams Winn, Doris Smith and Beverly Whitley.  In 2011 all but Joyce, Doris and Beverly are deceased.  These were young mothers for the most part who treasured their time with their girlfriends.

Through the many years of playing bridge in Chuckatuck there are some other members who have joined and moved on to other things.  Martha Glenn Howell (deceased), Peggy Brown Byrd (deceased), Dottie Seward, Jane Youngk, Iola Holland Saunders, Jean Rutherford, Lundy Nickelson, Marie Jordon Melton (deceased), and Barbara Richardson Newman Parrish (deceased).

The club was limited to eight members, two tables, and the rules were very simple for the hostess which revolved with the members.  Serve Cokes (in the bottle) and peanuts; prizes are not to cost more than $1.00; do not dress up and come as you are, but come.  Today those rules have changed slightly in that drinks are served in glasses or cans, some snacks on the side, usually one sweet and one salty, make your best dessert with either a new or old recipe and still come as you are.

The current membership now has nine members so a substitute is available, but when nine do show they all get to play.  These are: Beverly Rogers Whitley (51 years), Ella Mae Farmer Winslow, Bette Britton Begley, Ann Games Berard, Lorraine Speers Myers, Lynn Kirk Rose, Anne Pretlow Henderson, Pam Martin Saunders and Lila Eure Pretlow.

There was another bridge club made up of many of the women from local churches which Lynn Rose joined in 1967.  Some of these members were Dottie Bradshaw, Betty Pretlow, Edna Saunders, Margaret Kirk and Ellen Glasscock.  There would normally be two tables with eight players.  This group was just a little more serious in that linen table clothes were used with linen napkins making this a more formal gathering.  It was a pleasure to host these events as it gave you an opportunity to express yourself as you desired.

In the earlier years there was a set back club, a type of card game. However, bridge became the more common form of card playing and the set back club eventually stopped meeting.