Diamond Grove Baptist Church

Diamond Grove Baptist Church1899 – until present

Diamond Grove Baptist Church began in 1898 as a Sunday school in a Sandy Bottom tenant farmhouse owned by Jim Pinner.  It did not last long.  In 1900 Marie Reeves, Priscilla Jordan and Laura Addison Randall invited Rev. Wilson Major Reid to come and preach but these services lasted for only a few months.

In the fall of 1903 Henry Chance organized another Sunday school that lasted until 1908 when a Mr. Reid organized a church.  Annie Williams Grandy named it Diamond Grove Baptist Church.  An old store, purchased from lawyer Rawles near the site of W.C. Dailey’s store, was repaired and was used for services.

In early October 1920 the congregation broke ground for a new church on the same spot where the church now stands.  During the Depression the church grew in members and spirit but couldn’t pay the preacher.  Rev. J.M. Clark of Norfolk still came and preached.

As membership continued to grow Diamond Grove Church went through many renovations. In 1953 Rev. Solomon E. Diggs of Sandy Bottom led the church in acquiring the old Sandy Bottom schoolhouse near the property for a fellowship hall.  Under Rev. Diggs’ leadership the church grew and expanded.  When Rev. Diggs, then Pastor Emeritus, passed away in July of 1994 members said, “Diamond Grove Baptist Church which started glittering in 1908 continues to shine in the Glory of God.”  The pastor in 2011 was Calvin Lillard.