The Anchorage

The AnchorageThe Anchorage, built in 1695 by Thomas Godwin, sitting off Cherry Grove Road, has had two additions.  In the 1700s, a double decker porch was added to the back of the house and in the 1900s a two story frame addition was added.  Plaster in the house contains seashells and horse hair in the composition.  The three story brick farmhouse, built with brick made on the property, is set on a tract of 300 acres.  It has massive twin chimneys and molded wedge shaped bricks form the round brick pillars.  Some of the glass panes in the windows, the window frames and door hardware are imported from England. Thomas Godwin was given the land by his father, who lived further down Cherry Grove Road at “The Castle”.  Both men served in the House of Burgesses.  A school was once located here.

The home is now owned by Cornelius and Annie Lee Duff who moved into the house in 1961. Duff’s great-grandfather, Cornelius Hall, bought The Anchorage in 1845 from a man named Day.  The home has been continually occupied for 300 years.  Today the house with 12 foot ceilings has more than 20 living areas, including two kitchens, and six fireplaces.

Compiled by Jackie Saunders

The Suffolk Sun, October 25, 1990