Cotton Home

Cotten Home virginia-alice-corbell-cotten-david-corbell-and-claire-campbell-cotton-c-1915-leroy-pope-photo-img549 front-view-of-cypress-vale-plantation-the-corbell-cotten-home-on-chuckatuck-creek-1950-img544At the end of what is now Cotton Farm Lane there lived the family of John Corbell, a large land owner in the late 1800s.  Little is known of the fate of the original Corbell home yet we know a new structure was built around 1900.  From this original site we know a part of a building or a small building was moved approximately 200 feet away to make room for a new dwelling.  The building which was moved was added to and remodeled.  It is today the home of Mrs. Elsie Copeland, daughter-in-law of the earlier owners, W. G. and Grace Copeland.  Due to its construction and materials it is perhaps one of the oldest homes in the area.

From the research and conversations with Eddie Cotten who lived on the Cotten farm; the small house was located in the area of the big house and was the first home of John David and Elizabeth Mary Corbell.  It was later the home of the David Corbell Cotten family.  As the children started coming every 2 years, the little house was moved to where it is now, and the big house was built where it stands today.  Mrs. Copeland is still living in that smaller home which has several additions.  In place of the old Corbell home a new home was constructed circa 1900 or earlier.