The Moore Home

Moore Home  moore-house-in-winter-with-unknown-img854Mr. William Charles Moore purchased an old grocery store on Kings Highway, Route 125, which is said to have been over 200 years old, as well as the property next to the store from a Captain Ramsey.  Mr. Moore worked for Captain Ramsey before he bought the store and the adjacent property.  He built a large Victorian two story home, which was completed in 1909, on the land.   The construction of the house took 2 years to complete.  It was sold in the late 1940s to Corbell Cotten.  The house is now next to the U.S. Post Office, near the original site of the store.  The store served as the post office for a few years with Alex Moore as postmaster.

Jackie Saunders

outbuildings-behind-moore-house-img125To the right of the house, and approximately behind where the current post office is now, was a barn with stables that housed mules used to pull the road machines to keep the dirt roads passable.  Mr. Moore was on the Nansemond County Board of Supervisors for the Chuckatuck area.  The Board was in  charge of the maintenance of the roads before they were taken over by the state and paved in approximately 1930.

Moore family history – Matsie Moore Savedge