Military Service (Local participants)


Researched by Leroy Pope and written by Drex Bradshaw

The following members of the local area served in the military in various wars and are buried at St. John’s Episcopal, Wesley Chapel Methodist, Oakland Christian, Christian Home Cemetery, African American Cemetery at Oakland or Whitehead’s Grove Baptist churches.  We are sure there are other members of the community who have moved away, and may be buried elsewhere, who served their country.  If you know of someone not listed below please advise us so we can update our data base.


American Revolution:  Joseph Ligon

Spanish American War:  Merrit S. Powell,

Civil War:  Alexander Moore, John G. Martin, Edwin C. Ramsey, John David Corbell, Francis W. Snead, Walter A. Lawrence, William J. Sullivan, Caleb L. Upshur, Frederick Wagner, James T. Crocker Sr., John Bridger Newman, Williford Samuel, Julius Benjamin Crumpler, Joseph Holiday Parker, James Richard Holland and Mills Rogers, Jr.

WW-I:  Alpheus Ligon, David L. Pitt, Joseph Leslie Pruden, George Gayle, John E. Turner, Herman Barry, Oliver W. Newman, Sr., Happer F. Oliver, Walter S. Dixon,  Arlie George Griffin, Joseph Willaford, George Lafayette Gwaltney, W.J. Johnson, Albert W. Horne,

WW-II:  William Charles Moore, Jr., William Simpson, Norfleet A. Smith, J. Stokes Kirk, Thomas E. Hobson, Joseph A. Harris, Sr., Albert F. Buppert, Thomas Gayle, Charles J. Jernigan Jr., Richard E. Marsh, William L. Bangley, Irving Johnson, John W. Doyle Sr., Raymond E. Butler Sr., Clarence Walter Knight, Oscar W. Crittenden, Rosco T. Odey, Arthur Joyner, Matthew W. Spady, Henry Gayle Bradshaw, Wilson S. Pruden, Ruth Haas Pruden, Leonard Joseph Nichols, Clifford S. Pinner, William A. Butler, R. Wesley Bradshaw, John B. Duck, Charlie Lee Byrd, Mitchell Bounds, Wesley Glover Copeland, Wilbur Butler, A. Gerline Butler, Thomas Philip Dailey, Lonnie Johnson, Walter R. Warren, Jack Gwaltney Stallings, Cornelious T. Cutchins, Sr., Jessie Earl Smith, Paul B. Wilson, Benjamin Darwell, J.W. Horne, Jr., Raymond Earl Outlaw, George Harvey Luter, Paul Horne, T. Al Saunders,  Robert O. Blont, Columbus L. Jackson, James E. Wooden, Rossie Cary, Sr., Malachi Jordan, Frank A. Spady, Jr., Dr. Arthur A. Kirk

Korea: Oliver W. Newman, Jr., Thomas King, Benjamin J. Odom, Henry A. Crocker Sr., Clifton Pinner, Moss Lee Norris, William C. Pitt, Harvey B. Presnell, Randolph T. Brown, Edwin Clever, Joseph M. Delfenthal, William H. Watkins, James H. Hill, Martin E. Watkins

Vietnam:  William Trafton Pitt, William Joseph Schlaffer, Ben Tucker, Harry John Wiggs, Jabus Brinson

The following Veterans are listed with no affiliation with a specific war or conflict listed on their monument.

Joseph Cassell, Olive Cassell, Eva Harrison Fusaro, Louis R. Truitt, Alton R. Johnson, Eulah Oliver, Charlie Ray Pinner, John Herbert Kelly, Marvin Lee Pruden, Melton L. Coker, Jerrod W. McEntire, George Gayle, Thurman “Red” Knight,  Guy Johnson, Fenton Gilliam, Thomas R. Saunders, David E. Christianson, Thomas A. Parker, John Bradshaw, Merritts, Tupper Bradshaw, Bennie A. Carlbon III,  Gerald Keith Burris, Parker Lee Murray, Eloise P. Luter, John A. Goss, William P. Chapman, Bobby D. Baynard, Paul S. Cutchins Jr.,  Terance Hargrave, Robin Daughtrey Jr

The Historical Foundation would like to thank all of those in the community who have served in the military, active or reserves, and for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. The country and your community will always be indebted to you and your family for ever.

This book is dedicated to all of our military members, past and present, and their families who have served their country.

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