Interview with Sam Glasscock

Moved to Chuckatuck in Oct 1944.  In 1941 Mr and Mrs Glasscock bought the farm that is part of where he lives to day.  88 acres of which 50 acres were clear.  Were living in West Va previously and Mr.  Glasscock worked in the coal mines.  Harry the younger brother died several years ago.  He did the four corners, Canada to New England, Florida, then California.

Was in the Army in the 1950’s.  First house they lived in was on the spot that Sam now lives in.  In 1949 built the brick home that Frank Spady 111 lives in.  Mr. Glasscock passed away in 85 and mother in 94.  Sam built his home in 1962.  Married Betty after Law School in 1955.  Came to Suffolk and lived in the Eley home across from Saunders.  He worked for Josh Pretlow for 15 months then went into the Army for 3 years.  Went to Jag School at Charlotesville.  Then went to German for two years.  Tom their oldest son was one year old and Linda was born there.  Met Betty when he was at Hampton Sydney and Betty was at Longwood.

Was 13 when he came to Chuckatuck.  Was in the 8th grade.  Graduated from Chuckatuck in 1948.  Dad was a Superintendent in a Coal Mine the kids did not have much contact with their dad.  On the farm however the family life was much better.

13:00 talked about his dad in the Coal mines then life as it was on the farm.

15:44 talks about his teachers at Chuckatuck.

17:20  What he liked about Chuckatuck  Swimming etc.

22:00  Talks about the farm as it was early on.

24:00  Easy to fit in when they came to Chuckatuck.  Played Basketball and one year of Baseball.  Talks about a game in Franklin when the score was 13 to 15.  No football during this time.

28:30  Talks about his 1927 Chevrolet.  He still has it.  Talks about riding the school bus to school before they lived in Chuckatuck.  Who drove them as well.

Could get your drivers license at 14 then.

33:25  Talks about REO trucks.

34:30  Talked about their church participation.

Betty passed away in 1997.

36:50  Talked about his Pagoda in his backyard.  Good discussion about how he built it.  Also talked about his travels into China.

45:00 Talking politics.(Can skip to 75:00)

75:00  Talks about Harry and his parents.