Interview with Nick Sarick

Nick was born in 1929.  Born in Akron Ohio.  Moved to Va in June of 1942 to the old house on the farm.  Farm was bought by his dad in

Went to Chuckatuck grade school in the 7th grade.  Original farm was 111 acres.  In the early 50’s bought 3 more sections for now a total of 118 acres.  Runs from Crittenden Road to Campbells Creek.

Dad worked for General tire and rubber company but around the first WW the family came to Hopewell to visit and then they decided to move into the area.

They bought this farm in 1933 sight unseen.  It was sold for taxes.  American Bank and Trust Company had the farm.  In 1870 it belonged to Lewis Liverman.  Farm was turned over to LP Holland.

Had a lot of fruit trees on the farm when it was bought.

In 1942 when the war broke out getting a tractor was impossible so his dad worked at the Norfolk Naval shipyard.  Once the war was over they bought a tractor and he farmed it until he became ill then they leased it out.

Graduated from Chuckatuck in 1948 and then to the Newport News apprentice school.  Once his dad got sick he came home.  In 1951 he went to Planters Peanuts and retired after 29 years of service (1989).

They have taken 14 cruises

School bus driver was Henry Gayle Bradshaw.

Most of the Bus Drivers were high school kids.  As one of two Leonards in the same class Mr Rippey made Leonard Saurick as Little Nick.

Nick has a 1948 Chuckatuck Annual.  Mr Brooks took over as principal during 1948.

Virginia Betts was his home room teacher in 1948

During his 50 reunion he thought about having it at Saunders Supply.  He asked Al and he said it was OK to have it at Saunders Supply in the room on the right as you enter.

22:50  Talks about A fighter plane crashed in the marsh directly across from the house.  The govt used Ferry Point road to come in and pick it up.  This was during WW-2.

Groceries were bought from Sam and Philips store.

A packet Wharf is still visible at low tide

24:30  Talks about the Wharf and that several years ago he dug down in the area of the old wharf and found sawdust which was used to pack around ice to keep it frozen.

A Mrs Eure and Mrs Pippman lived in houses just as you approached the road but have been torn down.

He has traced the farm back to 1870.

He met Margaret at Planters but she had some seniority over him.  Married in 1966 and moved into the house in 1969.  No children and Margarets brother has no children.  Nicks father came from Poland.

His grandfather on his fathers side saw the bolshick revolution.  Never did any Military service.

36:00  Talks about going on a trip with Marion and Bill Chandler to Egypt in 1980.  Then the second one was the group trip to Alaska with us.

48:00  Talks about the Chandlers house on Route 10

51:00  The old house is the original one.

House on the road for Annie Pippins was built by Mr. Pope.

Nick remembers taking corn up to the mill to be ground.  They would take 10 percent for grinding it.  Nick has one or two of the bags that the meal was put in.

Nick talks about taking his watermelons down to the spring to get them cool.

In the end the mill was run by electricity but still stone ground which made it better than other brands.