Interview with Joe Barlow

Joe Barlow moved to Cherry Grove Road in 1959 and built new house in 1960.

Gives a brief discussion of the Isle of Wight county line.

Joseph has all the data on the old house.  It will contain lots of the Lawrence items.  Was going to fix it up but decided to build the brick house out front.  Old ;house was used for grain stowage.

The road to Chuckatuck possibly went back across the Marl Holes before they were dug.  Mayo  Lattimer was moved from that area up onto the hill along the West side of Route 10.

The Indians say that the area of Lone Star Lakes recreational area was their area at one time.

Lots of Indian relics on the Barlow farm.  Farm is a little over 400 acres.

Farm is a river bottom of many years ago.  About 4 feet underground will run into Marl which is just beautiful material.