Interview with Jimmy Moore

Jimmy brought lots of pictures with him for our use.

We talked a little about Chuckatuck in the begtinning.

6.0      started talking about the store.

William Charles Moore (his grandfather) raised on Moore Farm Lane.

Alexander Moore purchased it in 1870.  Founder of Oakland Christian Church

W.C. Moore was only son of Alexander Moore.  Three or four sister all married and went elsewhere.

Around the turn of the century moved to town and purchased the land where the Moore House is.  Store was there at that time.  Not sure if he purchased the store at that time or not.  He died in 1946.  Store was there in 1900 and not sure how long it had been there.  Might have predated the Civil War.

There was a teacherage there and Jimmy’s grandmother, Florence Liggen.  She met W.C.  while living in Chuckatuck.

Z. Turner knew W.C. and called him Capt. Moore.  Z. Turner wanted to know what he was going to do with all those rooms in that house.

Alex Moore took over the store when he graduated from VPI in 1933.  Alex gave up a career to come back to Chuckatuck and take care of the family.

Footprints when they poured the front porch was of Susan.  Alex would go down to the store in the night and shoot rats in the store.

Left hand side of store was a pool hall.  Asa Johnson said that Alex would not get mad at all however such was not true.  He really did have a temper.  A black woman from Sandy Bottom was cursing in the pool hall and he hit her on the hand with a pool cue.  Also had a slot machine in the pool hall.  Sent one girl to school from that machine.  Alex died when Jimmy was three.

Not sure how long the store ran after Mischeaux Raines ran it.

The store was part of a complex.  There was a barn right where the new post office is.  Jimmy kept his pony there.  Jimmy was born in the house across from me.

The Moore’s lived in the old Gilliam home while they built the house across the street.  Jimmy came home to that house.

Mr. Richardson who lived next door to the store use to milk a cow.  Had a path next to the store to a pasture/place to milk his cow.

Jimmy talks about smoking Raleigh cigarettes in the barn behind the parsonage.

Talks about the basketball team.

45:00  Genealogy

Asa was oldest of Moore children

He list them.

Billy was younger than Alex.  Billy ended up with the Moore house.

Talks about the Skippers at VPI.  Those who had no military aspiration.

Jimmy says records show that the Yankees never burned the courthouse.  The fires came from either the confederates burning it or it was burned by local fires that started accidentally.

94:00  talks about the deaths in his family.