Interview with Gene Mildred Dailey Guthrow

Born Dec. 5, 1927.   Married Charles Stuart Guthrow in 1948.

Married for 46 years and he died in Dec. 1992.

Married Luther Chandler in 2002.

No Children

Worked as a secretary for Kellog sales company

Lived in the same home since 1960.  (She is living in Richmond)

Mother and Father  Georgia Thompson/ William Cleveland Dailey  from Sandy Bottom

They were married in 1912 and had 4 children

Graduated with Gibson and Sonny

Her dad taught her how to drive

Boys could not buy gas, but when she wanted a date she could get them gas from her dad’s store.  Went to Crittenden and Eclipse store and danced a lot.

Dated Henry Gayle some

Mother was very jovial.  One day when her dad was out selling meat she and Mildred played the slot machine in the store and they won the jackpot.  When the guy came to pick up the money they had to tell him.

They tried to smoke a cigarette together and did not like it.

They would always have money for shoes and every time they went to town they needed money for shoes.

Daddy worked from sunup to 11PM at the store.

Mother almost died when she was 10.

Played with Gibson and Ellen.  Her mother paid black children to turn the rope because there were no children for her to play with.

Phillip was 6-7 years older than Mildred.  He would push her too hard on her bike.  Use to double date with Phillip.

She ask her momma if they had sewing machines in heaven or not.  Her mother said she did not know and ask why?  I can hear them (possibly an airplane).

They were normally in the store seven days a week.  Then they passed a law that stores could not be open on Sundays.  This meant that her dad could go to Church..  He died on a Sunday after church.