Interview with Gene Fronfelter

Butch married Carolyn Ward from Driver, Virginia.  They graduated in 1954.  Carolyn came to Chuckatuck School in the 8th grade.

5:30  Butch talkes about Lone Star.  Archie went to work for Lone Star in Waverly (when he was 16 years old) then to South Norfolk then to Chuckatuck in 1934.    He quite school and went to work for Lone Star.  Lived first in the company house next to where the fired department is.  There was another house toward the bridge that the Kelly’s lived in and one across the road which the Devors and Boykins lived in.     They worked for Lone Star as well.

The were still running the steam locomotives in the early years then went to diesels.  Steam engines use to stop about half way between Chuckatuck and the washer plant and get water from a large tank.  VEPCO owned that pond first then Lone Star.

Talks about the size of the buckets being 6 or 8 feet wide.  Not sure when they started digging but there were a lot of quarries dug on the riverside before 1947  when they moved across the road and built the overpass.

Butch went into Miss Lucy’s house when they were tearing it down so they could get the marl.  Butch’s mother had a mirror made out of one of the picture frames from Miss Upcher’s house.  Butch use to work in Mischaux Raines store and remembers Miss Lucy coming up to the store.

Archie had a skull from the grave yard.  This was an unmarked site but he returned it and they preserved the cemetery.  Suspect it was a slave cemetery.  Reserched it and found out this.  Smithsonian would come down and look at the relics they found like whale bones etc.  Possibly he has access to this whale bone which might be in a store in Waverly.

Butch was a single child.  Family came from Waverly.  Butch was born and raised in Chuckatuck.  Archie retired in Waverly from Lone Star.  Archie passed away in the 90’s and his mother passed away about 5 years ago.

21:00  Three company houses.  First was David Christensen who did a lot of art work with putting ships in a bottle,  Sonja Dale Baker came to live with them (a niece) and Mr. and Mrs Christensen raised her.  Three girls,  XXXX  Tootsi and Ester.  Ester married Jimmy Brasfield.

Mrs Godwin had four rental homes next to her home going toward Crittenden.

Butch played basketball for four years.

Particular thing you remember doing your school years.  Did not realize the benefits of living in a close nit neighborhood.  Best thing was school being there and getting kids from lots of other small communities as well.  Gained some like long friends.  Went to Hampton Sydney.  Made it four years.  Went there because Arthur and Shack Raines went there.  Good liberal arts school.  His dream was to be in the Coast Guard but a physical ailment (detached retina) kept him out.  Came back to Waverly and went to work in the car business in Waverly.

Married in 1959   They have two children.  One in Waverly (Mead)  and the other in Charlottesville working at UVA.

Things we did in Chuckatuck???  32:30  Talks about Miss Daisey  Went to Wesley Chapel.  Talks about the classrooms in the main sancatury.

Talks about Alex getting real excited during the Tent Shows when Hop Along Cassidy and the other cowboys would do something exciting.

A visiting cousin told Butch that we were the luckiest kids to live in Chuckatuck.

Talks about playing football in the church yard or someone else’s yard.  These are the plesant memories.  He got hit in the eye with a Tennis ball in the sixth grade.  Miss Daisey Sullivan would stop by each day and drop off his homework.

44:30  Talks about Elsworth hitting the deer en route to Hopewell.  (END OF PART 1)

Beginning of part 2

Worked with Frank Spady in the drafting deparment of the State and then for Foots Spady.