Interview with Frank Spady – 2

Wilson Spady’s store was a relatively small store.  It started out where Owens store was.  That had a little one room was a post office in the very early 1900’s.  Pinners owned and ran the post office.  Uncle Matt had the meat house across from the Grist mill and he needed a place to do his paper work at night so he rented the store.

Rosser Chapman, who cut hair put a chair out front.  The Willoughby’s who lived next door had a son name Crip that when Rosser was cutting his hair he said you have lice.  He ran home yelling to his momma that he had lice.

When Uncle Matt opened the store his workers started buying from him so he decided to build a new store next door to the auto repair shop.

3 stores initially   Jones (soon to be Gwaltneys) owned by Dr. Eley , Moores, C. H. Pitts (soon to be C.C. Johnson).

Basement under Jones was filled with junk while the basement under C.H. Pitts was used for consumption of alcohol

C.C. Johnsons store was the C.H. Pitts store.

Pitts Store with the connection to the house next door which was the voting booth.  That was originally a store as well.

Next to this (on the left) was the Pitt house.  Next to that was the post office then the Owens store.

To the right of the Pitt store was the Ramsey House which burned in the 30’s.  The next thing was the Meadowlot house.

Looking at the Moores store, there was a house next door which was the Telephone exchange then home of Capt. Hicks, then the Howells, then the Richardsons.

The Spady house was built in the early 1800’s.  Rosser Chapmans house in the late 1800’s.  The Moore house was built in the very early 1900’s.  Mr. Moore wanted to marry Frank Spady’s grandmother but she did not accept.

The room over the Pitt store was where one, who clerked for Mr. Pitt, could stay up there.  Richard Holland worked up there.  The window was so high they had to nail boards on the bed to get it high enough so you could see out of the window from the bed.

Frank says all of the folks were out in the road waiting for CC Jr. to be born.

The Johnson house had three rooms on the second floor.  Lafayette and Va lived up there while their house was being built as well as Guy Johnson stayed.  Francis, Lafayettes brother was engaged to Franks third grade school teacher and Mr. Christopher would let her go down and sit with his for in those days Pneumonia was fatal.

Now we talk about the pictures.

Regarding Lafayettes store before the addition was added there was a set of steps that came down from upstairs.

Now we are talking about the money.  Same thing from Holiday Point as the Upcher.

Regarding Mr. Gilliam’s store after he closed it Mr. Jim Pinner worked it.

BarBee Gilliam had a store just across the road while Quincy Gilliam had one up the road towards Benns Church.

N.H. Byrd started down the hill just past the Grist Mill then he moved up to his location across from the school.

Lizzy Pinner wore a wig and lived where Parker Howell is living now.  Frank and Katherine lived there for a while.

Frank talks about Duke and his escapades with him while bird hunting.  Talks about him coming to Church every Sunday.

Frank talks about a Confederate soldier that help up in the closet when he heard that the Union troops were coming back through towards Richmond.

Had a fire in the house and when the side boy was refurbished the restorer said that he knew there was a fire because one of the boards had been turned upside down.

Talks about Wilson having a gun in the store noting that rats were by the ice box he shot the dam rats and blew a hole completely through the ice box.