Interview with Eugene Porter of Gloversville

Eugene is the grandson of C.W. Glover founder of Gloversville.  Founded around the 1920’s.  Bought the land from one of the Godwin’s (Bernard)   It was an orchard with lots of fruit trees.  Gloversville ran from the bridge to the ball diamond.

Eugene was born in December 16, 1940.  Brother Ray is 9 years older

Mothers was Annie Mae Porter.  She was born in Isle of Wight Country in 1903.  Passed in 1953.

Dad Ozie Porter was born in Isle of Wight off Orbit road in 1897.  He passed in 1992

CW Glover was father of Annie Mae.  Ida Jane Wells was her mother.

Not sure when he moved there but suspect it was around 1920.

The store was on the corner of Hwy. 125 and Crittenden road.  Hope to get a picture.  Store was built in the early 30’s to 40’s about 10 years.

The store was a little general store and was what one might call an aux post office.  If people on Holiday Point did not call for their mail in Chuckatuck it would be sent to Gloversville for delivery by Mrs. Bowden.

There was another store on Longview road before this one.  Not sure how long that one was in operation but it was before the one in Gloversville.  Also a general merchandize.

CW passed away in the early 40’s.  Grandmother passed away.

Eugene went to Oakland.  First black kid to ride the bus.  The bus driver went to the same church as Eugene.  Graduated from Suffolk,  Got a BS degree in Mathmatics etc.  Worked in the nuclear plants. Then the shipyard,

Talks quite a bit about his work.

Came back to Chuckatuck in 2002.  Retired and now drives a school bus.

Ray Porter told me that Chuckatuck had its own Taxi Cab with Buddy Chappel as the owner.  Parked the cab at Duck Taylors store.

Mr. Porter came back to Virginia in 1929/1930  Worked  with Marl company then on the Butts farm for two years then back to the marl company until he retired in 1963 after 31 years with Lone Star.

40:00 tells me why his name is S. Eugene Porter.  He was the 8th Child and the 7th son.

Some of the employyes that Ray remembered James Lee Diggs,  Booth, Butler, Willie Wells.

Eugene/Ray’s uncle Albert Glover had a store at the intersection of Everets road and Rt 10.    It was a general store as well.  Not sure of the dates.