Interview with Dwight Bradshaw

John Dwight Bradshaw  Born August 18, 1944 in Portsmouth VA.

Being the brother of an older person he kind of tagged along.  Daddy always like boats.  remembers playing ball in the church yard and wonder why we did not break out a window.

enjoyed going to the marl hole.

Remembers vacationing at Burrels bay.  lived 4 houses from mammy.  we walked through the back yard via mrs gilliams house and miss patty.

first thing you remembered ??  remembers when he was six and the moores got a tv.  they use to watch howdy doody.

remembers mrs bagnell as his first grade teacher.  also remembers duke going to school and being in the room with dwight.

walked to school every day.with susan moore.

he remembers mischeaux raines running the store with a drink box filled with water that would shock you.

remembers going to gwaltneys and johnsons and moores store.

remembers the elections at the old pitt store.  he has the ballot box at his home.

He talks about drex wanting a bbgun and he put me up to going and asking momma to buy him one.

Ray and Margaret howell, woolfords, lived along the road next to the school.

Mr. Morris was the principal when he started to school in 1950/51.  Mr. Gillette was principal for a year or so.

Remembers going to the Saunders at Meadow Brook and ride the horse named King.

Went to the 5 mile farm once or twice to hunt with Bill.  Also remembers sleigh riding on the pond.

Fond memory of the snow is getting pulled by a car down the Ferry Point farm lane.

I talked about Daddy cutting down a chirstmas tree with a shot gun.

He was a Junior in High School when he moved to the Point (where he lives now)

Ray Knight let Dwight shoot at the pigeons when they would fly out of his house/garage.

Remembers real well the Johnsons family when the Savages from Suffolk would come to visit.

Had a path from our house to the church right through the front yards of our neighbors.

Said he learned a lot from me about trouble and if he was not involved he was close by.  He remembers something about the paper route.  He also learned from Drex what not to do in school.

Talks about the trip down to Hobson to deliver papers when we found one of the Pounds in the Ditch with the windshield wipers going and we ask if he needed help.  He said it was raining so hard that he just could not see where to drive.  The sun was shining with no rain in sight.

He remembers helping Drex help feed the livestock when Mr. Rippey went on vacation.

Talks about the cows chasing Drex across the field in front of the Saunders Farm.

Remembers Grady Norfleet shooting a goose with a 22 cal rifle.  Grady had a small speed boat.

Talks about the ceramic manger scenes that he gave Momma and Frankie gave one to Edith.

Remembers swinging on the front porch of Mammy and Grandaddy’s and Sonny coming home in his uniform.

Growing up in Chuckatuck was a wonderful experience.  No body had to worry about kids safety.  Remembers going to a minstral show.

Tuckers lived in the house next door to the Gilliams for awhile.  Where Fred Eley and Sonny and Jean lived.  The Stallings lived there for a while.

Rode to school with Betty West.

Talks about the trip when Bill and Marion, Momma and Daddy came to tech to visit and they ask me what we did after the dance.  I said we went to Cabin Parties.  Momma wanted to know what we did and I said Dance.  Bill said Dorothy they do a different kind of Dance.  She said what kind and he said the Mattress Poker.

Talks about all the buses Daddy owned.

After graduation from High School he went to VPI.  No reason not to go to Tech since I had gone there.  Was in the Corps for two years.  Graduated in 1966 in Biology.  Was interested in Marine Science.  Went to work for Standard Brands in Suffolk as a chemist.

He was there for 4 years then stopped and went to work for the funeral home for less than a year.  Knew that he did not want to do that so he went to teach school.  After a year and the discipline issue he went back to Standard Brands.  He started at MCV in 1972 and graduated in 1976.  Went to Cleveland for a year as his residence\y.  He has been in his office now for 34 years.

Arthur was born in 1978 and his grandmother basically raised him since Jennifer had to go to the hospital.

First motorized equipment he rode was the Cushman motor scooter that was Drex’s.  That was bought on Moores Farm Lane.  He also remembers my Indian Motorcycle and when it was sold.

When Daddy was in the Navy Dwight was in the 4th grade.  Lived in Wickford Rhode Island for one summer with Daddy.  Drex stay at home with Mammy and Grandaddy.

Remembers Mamma putting up pine around the door at Christmas.  Also remembers Hurricane Hazel breaking off a limb and it came right through the front porch.

Big adventure for him was when Momma let him ride down to Waynes in Sandy Bottom.

Daddy remembers when 460 was a dirt road.

48:00 Remembers getting his shot gun and talks about the incident with daddy getting the wrong gun to go hunting.

Remembers Peggy Rudisil being in her class for 3rd and 4th grade.  Momma went and helped out with the children.

51:00  Austins and Allens lived in the two tenant house on Al Glasscocks farm.  Marshall Austin was Addie Rawls Moore were related.

54:00  Talks about being sneaky with the automobile.  Ben Tucker needed a ride home so Dwight took him in the Dodge stationwagon.  Daddy ask him about it and he fibbed as it seems daddy was at Mr. White’s when Dwight went by the school really stepping on it.

Remembers going to Edna Brooks for Haloween.  Seems that Edna Brooks won the contest and Dwight was upset but Mamma said his was really the best.

Dr Ferguson had two waiting rooms while Dr. Thomas and Dr. Eley did not.

60:00  Talks about Dr Thomas helping the boy down on Ferry Point Farm when the tractor fell on top of him and pinned him in/almost under the water.

68;00  Talks about Drexel holding an Otter that he caught back near the Duck Hole.

Remembers going down and staying with Jean and Sonny in the middle house on the Raines farm.

72:00  Dwight and Frankie go hunting around the Marl Hole and the Game Warden catches them and calls Frankie Buster.  Nothing happened but Sheldon Rountree was looking for license which Frankie did not have.

From 75:00 on just general discussions and looking at pictures that we got from Jimmy Moore.