Interview with Dorothy Davis

January 1, 2010  71 minutes long

Discussion started regarding the clubhouses out in the Nansemond River.

Dorothy Davis born in Isle of Wight Country in 1920  a brief discussion of where she has lived.  She has lived on the Nansemond River since she was 9.  Moved to what is now Cedar Point (Walnut Ridge Farm) in 1929.  In 1929 school buses could not pick up children within a certain distance from the school.

Grade school at Crittenden from 1-6th then to Chuckatuck for 7th on.

Farmers moved in the month of December when their crops had been harvested.  Her second grade teacher was Mrs Ann Everett,  soon to be Ann Bagnell.

Started Chuckatuck in 1932/33.  Chuckatuck was a wonderful village.  She even knew the dogs running up and down the road.  Talks about Riding the school buses (7.00)

After graduation went to LSU in Baton Rouge.  Talks about Mike the Tiger.  Talks about how they dressed for football game.  (9.00)

Did not study to be a teacher but was told that the only thing you could do was to teach but wanted to be a Nurse.  (10.00) talks about cooking and how to learn how to cook.

Did not gradutate from LSU, but went to Harrisonburg Teachers College then to RMWC in 1941.

Taught in Elizabeth City County (part of Hampton) for two years then married Richard A. Davis from Middlesex County.  (15.30) talked about the war when Richard was drafted and how them moved to Nansemond Farm (now Governor’s Point).  Shortly after Richard left the principal of Chuckatuck came down and ask her to teach the 4/5th grades.  Talks about the old school building.  (18.30) talked about the teachers at Chuckatuck.  Teachers boarded at Dr. Eley’s, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Chapman, and Mrs. Gilliam’s.  The Governor also gave receptions for the teachers as well as Mr. Joshia Chapman.

Katherine Godwin was also a teacher at Chuckatuck.  In fact, she met Mills when she was teaching.  (23.00) talks about the Mills  coming back to Chuckatuck to talk with the students.

(27.00) talks about women smoking which was new for that time.  (30.00) back to the schools and she talks about the high school in Crittenden and how Dr. Eley supported moving High School from Crittenden to Chuckatuck.

Dr. Eley married his first wife from Crittenden and then his second wife from Hampton.(35.00) talked about the big epidemic in 1919 and how Dr. Eley practiced his trade.  (37.30) talked about Chuckatuck being cross road of commerce etc.

(40.30) she talks about the big lumber mill catching on fire.  Mr. Byrd was down across the street from the ice house originally.  Al Saunders worked for Mr. Byrd .  (44.00) talks about coming to school and seeing the man who owned Meadow Brook farm and his beautiful black horse.

(46.00) talks about the richness of history in Chuckatuck.   (50.00) talks about the Chapman USO and what people did for entertainment in those years.  Dorothy spent nights in the upper part of Gwaltney’s store.

There was a ferry service before the bridge was built over the Nansemond River (Kings Highway) (55.00)   (61.00) talks about the Farmers Market and the Obici House.