Interview with Connie Newman Taylor

Interview with Connie Taylor (Connie Newman) or Mary Constance

She is one of three children,  Geraldine, Connie, Buddy

Her parents would be remembered for the type of farming he did especially during the depression.

Her mother came from Georgia and stayed across the road.

6:00  talks about living around the house as we looked at pictures.

The girls got to take care of the runt pigs.  They rode the horses and mules without a saddle, but when Bud came along he got a saddle.

Horace Miltier would come over every day and the Olivers used the wharf that Horace had for shipping goods.  The kids delivered milk in the area of Crittenden, Eclipse and Hobson.  Her mother had a beautiful garden and fish pond which the girls had to keep clean.

Talks about the stories that Geraldine wrote and are in the photo album.

Went to Crittenden school for 3-4 years and then to Chuckatuck.

20:00 Talks about the smokehouse bible

Most of this tape is about the pictures and their identification.

We then jumped to the farm and some of the stories.

44:00  Daddy was a god fearing man.  Mother taught Sunday school .  Both were hard working.people.  Loved her flower garden.

Fondest memory?  Could not pick one as there are so many.

47:00  talks about her mother’s garden and how many local garden clubs would come to visit.