Interview with “Buddy” Creekmore

100827 001 Moved to the Butts Farm in 1996.

100827 002

2:00  Talks about having a discussion with Harvey Saunders Senior about a tram that used to come up a small creek behind the farm to pick up products such as oysters.  Also talks about some reconstruction that has been done and some that have not.

Pickens owned the farm in 1965, but they did little to preserve the farm.  Eleven full size fire engines, cars, refrigerators etc.

7:00  talks about buying the farm and getting the information from Red Parker in Driver.

Continues to talk about the new building he put on the exact location of an old building.

We took a tour of the old slave house and then outside the old house as well as an hour trip around the farm.  Good listening, but not much in the way of history that we are looking for.  Lynn Rose has some pictures that she gave them.

Most of the remainder is while driving which makes it almost unreadable.

I met Sharon Creekmore and we talked a little bit more but nothing of significance for history.