Interview with “Bud” Towns

Bud is 86 years old.  He was born in Portsmouth but moved to Chuckatuck route 225 in 1925.  Cedar Brook farm was originally Smith and Douglas farm.

Bud and his dad both worked this farm.  Bud worked for Mr. Winslow some 12 years.

Bud’s dad  was born on Shoulders hill road.

Bud has worked for Johnny Bryant, Frank Warrington,  Butts Farm (for Harvey Saunders), After Mr. Powell got rid of it some people from Newport News by the name of Lonnie, (lots of fire trucks),  John Kelly,  Al Glasscock,   He has worked for most of the farmers in the area.

Eight Ball (Theodore Brother) worked for Mr. Glasscock.

Bud never went to school and he always carried his dad breakfast.  Mr. Bryant was watching Bud and told him he wanted him to help plant potatoes.  Robert helped him get the mule hitched up.  Once he started working he has never stopped.

10:00 talks about Miss Lucy Upshur.  She would whip up on them at 50 cents per day.  They were tough to work for but she was good.

What did you do for fun.  Just played cause you couldn’t go anywhere.  When the sun goes down you had better be at home.

Moved to his current resident in 1965.  Mr. Saunders built the house for him.  Started working for Mr. Saunders in 1958.

16:00  Talks about farming with Bill Saunders and Richard Turner.

20:30  Talks about Glover’s corner.

Robert Eley was the family that lived behind the church and lost all of his children to a fire.  John Kelly use to live back behind the church as well.

28:40  Bud talks about having a wreck on the bridge over the railroad tracks.

30:00  talks about Percy Pitt.

34:00  Talks about the stores in Chuckatuck.

37:00  Talks about Sam Chapman’s Store and Dick getting some liver

38:00  Talks about working for Zue Raine when he broke his ankle and Will Shoot a Pistol.

47:00  Talks about liquor stills in the area of Chuckatuck.

49:00  Talks about Mr. Pitt and Bubble gum.  Talks about his Essex.

51:00  I ask if he had his life to do over what would he do?  He said leave it alone.  Then he talks about his wife, etc.

56:30  I ask if he could change anything what would he change and he said nothing.  Then he said he would be happy but then he was happy just be  happier.

58:00  A review of all the people he has worked for.

59:00  Talks about going to Mrs. Davis for dinner.  He also talked about getting the dogs out of the house.

63:00  Talks about a motor scooter throwing him right in front of Mr. Gwaltney.  Had the law right on his tail.

64:40  Talks about Whitman Hicks

67:00  Talks about taking his daughter to Dr. Thomas down in Everets some 58 years ago.  Then he goes on to tell about him going to the hospital and some doctors that were friends of Dr. Thomas.