Interview with Bill Saunders

Bud’s house was built by Bud and Bill with W.G.’s financing.

Bill was born in Lakeview Hospital in 1942 and came home to the house next to Wesley Chapel.  Lived there until he was seven.  His crib was next to the church in the back and Bill had knocked out the screen and was coming down the roof.  My Granddad caught him.  When he was seven they moved to Meadow Brook.  Graduated from Chuckatuck after 13 years (no kindergarden) and then went to the Academy and then Chowan for a semester.  Then he came home and worked with his dad and then next year Bill and Richard Turner farmed together.  They were farming Cedar Brook, Meadow Brook, and Meadow Lot at the time.

When Aunt Jaira bought the Meadow Lot it only had the big house and the barn on it along with the corn crib.

W.G. was the sole properiter until Al Saunders and P.D. Howell came home from the war.  Then they worked for awhile and ultimately bought an interest of 49 percent.  In 1957  W.G. sold  out.  He also owned Berkley Feed Store in Suffolk and changed the name to Suffolk Feed and Seed.

Dad died in 1975.  Mrs Saunders remodled the small house on the Crittenden Road side of the farm and moved into it one year after WG died.

Bill was married in 1964 to Suzanne Ramsey Myers.  He had two children  William and John Marshall.  William is in zoning and planning with Smithfield.  John Marshall works for a company in Norfolk (alias Sara Lee).

Is now married to Diane Davis who is a school teacher at Nansemond Suffolk Academy.

18:00  Talks about remodling his current home.

18:30  Discusses farming and some bad years, hog disease, bad peanut season.  He had three sisters  Jaira,(1939) , Edna Brooks, and then Alice.

There was an accident with Steve Garner when he fell off the wagon and the wagon rolled over him.

21:50  Talks about Meadow Brook.  Cows, etc.

33:00  Still talking about the farms and Percy Pitt.

49:00  Lots of general discussion not related to history.

54:00  Talks about 5 mile farm and selling it to City of Norfolk.

66:00  Talks about Lucy Upsher farm and the Ball Diamond.

69:00  Talks about the packet wharf and Walter Daniels.

72:00  Talks about fun years such as snow ball fights in our backyards and movies

76:30  Talks about swimming in the Marl Hole

78:15  Says that because there was no one his age except Nicky Snyder when he moved back into the area.

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0:00  Bill talks about his granddaddy’s house at Everets.  His great granddaddy built that house.  He thinks at least 5 generations have been in the area.

Bill thinks that the 38 foot Meadowbrook was about the last big boat up the river to Everets.  Bill talks about cost of fuel then and a trip to Ocean City MD.