Interview with Asa Johnson

Asa was born on July 1934 at Ferry Point farm at home with Dr. Eley and Mrs. Rippey delivering him.

:Lived next to the old Gilliam home,  a little buglow next to Butch and then at 12 years old moved in with Jasper Cotten ( 1946) .  First time they had a phone.  He went 12 years because he did not take the final English exam so he went an extra year and this helped with his sports.

3:30  Mr. Johnson worked was born in Hobson in 1900  His father had a store in Hobson.  He had a variety of jobs.

Mrs Johnson was born in Chuckatuck in 1909.

Asa’s  Granddaddy was born on a farm on Moore Farm Lane.

Mr. Johnson ran the store next to Moore’s old home  and lived in the Moore house.  That store and Post Office were torn down sometime in the early 70’s.  Asa worked in that store from the time he was 9 until he left for college.  This is where he got money to go to the Tent Show at Mr. White’s.

9:45  Talks about the stores including Owens store in which Asa and his family lived upstairs and Mrs Johnson ran the store.

From there they went to the Gilliam’s house (3 story).

12:00  More about the store.  Alex Moore was running the store even though his dad was still alive.  Alex died at 46 due to a cerebal hemorage.  Misceux Rains took over then.

Because the post office was there it became a social place.    Post Office was on the right side as you came into the store.  Utimately I think it was moved to the room next door which had been a pool room.

Moved in next door to me in 1946.  He had been to Camp Waters because he would be 12 that week.  Talk about the football helmet and how he had me try it out.

Asa graduated in 1952.  I was a freshman that year.

17:00  Talks about Lucy Upshur.  Dressed weird and looked weird.  (in a related discussion with Jerry Saunders he said that he was sitting on his porch one day and Lucy came out in the horse and cart and the horse broke for home, she was hanging over the back of the cart dragging along the road just yelling at the horse.)

20:00  Talks about people not paying their bills.  Good discussion

24:00  Talks about the stowage room on the left as you faced the store.  Moore’s store had an electric meat cooler when he worked there.

Fondest memory of growing up in Chuckatuck was swimming in the Marl Hole and playing ball in the Meadolot where Dr. Thomas Office is now,  Being able to fish and trap and caught some beautiful bass even though you were not suppose to fish.    Lots of kids in the neighborhood to play such games as Capture the Flag, Annie Over, Red Light and what ever else.  Played until it got dark.

Was Miss Daisey a target and yes she was.  It was one of life’s great pleasures to taunt her.  Not a very pleasant lady.  Halloween was a day to get back at her.  Tic Tac was a game which used a horseshoe nail and some heavy string with bees wax on it.  If you put that nail

Pull the bag on the ice plant hill.  On one occasion young Mr Bill Rippey layed down next to the bag and when people did stop he would get up and run.

Lots of open spaces.  Harvey Saunders, Marvin and Asa built a cabin on the island and had some great times there.  32:00  Good discussion on the Cabin.

36:30  Talks about Arthur Raine and how doing the summer he would come up and stay in the Marl Hole all day.

At the Tent Show there was a hot dog concession stand and that was all.

39:00  Talks about the homes on the Ridge.

41:00  Talks about Mr. Doyle and Grist Mill.

42:00  Talks about Dr. Eley doing a football physical

47:45  Talks about Jasper Cotten running into the train.  He also lived with Asa and his family.

49:30  Talks about college and his family.

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