Interview with Annie Lee Duff

100701-001    We are looking at numerous ariticles and Bibles so not much information is available.

The house was built in 1695.  Mr Duff was the principal at Chuckatuck in 1925  Cornellius Duff, who lives there now worked at Chippoakes Plantation in the Steam Engine arena.

41:00 –  Talks about the house and how it was changed over the years.  Also tells of the education that Cornellius Great Grandfather graduated in.  Talks about what types of animals they had on the farm.  Talks about Mary Scott as the cook and how she served the family.  Mary Scott and her family came from NC and walked up here.  Mr. hall ended up with about 600 acres.

100701-002  Continues to talk about the house.  Talks about finding some of the writing on the walls.  Might even have been part of a school since they have found some math work in a corner.

Mr and Mrs Hall had one girl.  Mary Grice.  She was a good friend of Eugena Stroupe (eley).  She got typhoid fever from a tanted biscuit which they would get from the pie safe upon arriving home from school.

100701-003   Found several papers featuring Lynn Rose getting married.  Talks about Mrs Hall lining the drawers with newspapers to keep the bugs away.

7:30  Talks about Mrs Hall and her driving gloves.  She has a guest book of people who came to see her when they visited her in the Hospital with a broken hip having fallen while letting the cat out.


Reading from a Bible note that in 1845 Mr. Willis J Bunkley  accepted the Lord.  He was born in 1823 making him 22 years of age at the time.  There are three family bibles.  1817, 18