Interview with Al Saunders


22 JUNE 2010

Most of this is me talking with Al just making an answer with little or no explanation.

Al was a member of the Merchant Marines at the age of around 20 years old.

Sign over his table is Sam Houston 11  .A liberty ship that was never hit by the Germans.

AL is 87 years old.  Born in Nansemond County just up beyond Oakland on Everetts Road.

Scott Saunders is Al’s brother.

How did you get involved with the Lumber mill.  WG took Al and PD in and ultimately sold it to them.  Al was in the wood side and PD was in the treatment area.

WG needed a blacksmith shop when you have lots of equipment like he did.  Blacksmith shop was a necessity when you had a mill like this.

Went to work at the mill in 1942.  Mill was vacant for a while before WG bought it but do not know how long.

Never worked for Lone Star.

Paul the oldest boy is running Saunders Supply.  Al is pleased that I am there to talk with him.

Current house built in 1950’s.

Asa Johnson worked in the shipyard.  Its not Corbell Cotton it is Jasper Cotton.

Miss Lucy had a sister Miss Annie both of which were well educated.

As the Assistant Engineer he worked in the boiler room and it was hot down there.

Two sons and three daughters  Doug, Paul, Mary Elizabeth, Ann Marks and Kathy Joe.

Georgia Anne was born off Wilroy road in Suffolk.  Met her in school.

Went to Chuckatuck for 11 years.  Al is 11 ???  years older than Scott.  They had three sisters all of them older than Al and Scott.  Al was born down in Everetts Bridge.