Fish Fry Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department

Chuckatuck Volunteer Fire Department
Fish Fry
Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fish Fry

Take Out 2:00 PM. To 7:00 PM.
Eat In 4:00 PM. To 7:00 PM.

Filet of Fish, Potatoes, Cole Slaw Hush Puppies
Tickets available at:
Saunders Supply, Kelly’s Nursery Kitty’s Beauty Salon, (Chuckatuck)
Gwaltney Store 255-9188 (Chuckatuck)
Bennett’s Creek Pharmacy 483-6966 Tidewater Motorcycles 757-255-4200
Farmers Feed & Seed 757-539-5551
Darden’s Country Store 757-357-6791
Aleck Winslow (255-4549) Cell 544-0919
Vernon Gayle (255-4572) Cell 544-4839

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