Donkey Baseball

At least once a year the traveling donkeys would show up for a game of Donkey Baseball.  The object of the game was to ride, without a saddle, or at least stay with your donkey, while retrieving the ball and being on board when you threw the ball or caught it.  Of course in order to do this you had to get the donkey to do/go where you wanted him to.  In most cases the donkey had other ideas and even if you got off and pulled the donkey to the spot you desired you had to remount to deliver the ball.  In most cases you could not get the donkey anywhere near your desired spot.  Donkeys are known for their stubbornness and in baseball it is comical to see grown men trying to pull a small donkey around the field to get close to a ball.  The donkey normally wins.  No animals were hurt in the game and about the only thing that was hurt was the pride of some young guy who did not know about mules and farming,  just could not understand how a donkey could be so hard headed and stubborn.