Interview with Theodore Allen

Theodore Allen worked for Mr. Glasscock for 27 years and for Gwaltneys for 22 years.

Theodore is 73  years old.  He was born in Holiday Point back off the road enroute to Ferry Point/  Born in 1937.

Mom and dad had 14 children.  Theodore was next to the oldest.

Theodore and I grew up together in Chuckatuck and played in the field behind my house as soldiers.

Theodore and I would go to my granddaddy to chop peanuts.  Always set his watch ahead so we could get off early.

Went to Oakland but never attended classes.  His mom knew it.

Lived in one of two houses across from the new fire station.

When he turned 62 he retired.  Mills Godwin had mules and grew spinach, cabbage, and white potatoes.

Mr Glasscock would take him to Mr. Gwaltneys store and let him get what he needed.  Mr Doyle ran the store before Mr. Gwaltney.  He was making $2.50 per day.

Got married in 1964  when he knocked up Jane Fulgum.  She lived in Hobson and her mother bought a house from Richard Davis.  He has five children.  He had six but the first born died.  Two living with him now and the other three are living in the area.

Growing up in Chuckatuck he only got in trouble when he started drinking liquor.  He tore the gas pump out of the ground with a car and if it had not been for the steel pole he would have run into the store.

While living on the Godwin farm would come up to Gwaltney and buy cookies.  Went up to Foots Spady’s and to the Movies at Mr Wrights.  Always saw a cowboy movie.  Lewis Winslow when he saw them going to Chuckatuck would get out in the church yard with a white blanket and scare them.  Thought it was a ghost.  But they knew it was Lewis.  He would drink with Lewis in Gwaltney’s store and get really drunk.

During hog killing time each family got a hog.  Theodore’s daddy ran the potato digger.

Mother and Dad living in Isle of Wight when they died.

In the house that burned up behind the church years ago were several children.  Their dad worked for Lone Star.

Theodore did not like the Marl Hole since someone put him on a float and pushed it off shore and would not pull it back in.  One person drowned in the Marl Hole and this put an end to our swimming there.
Fondest memory was just growing up in Chuckatuck as he was accepted regardless of his color.  Howard Cobb would give him all his pears each year.

Running behind them girls was fun as well.  The lady who worked at the Gilliams made the best hot dogs in town.  They would throw rocks at the cars.  One night they hit a police car and he shined the spot light on them but did not see them.

Who were some of the people.  Son Turner, Little Bro, Lewis Edwards,

If you could do over what would you do.  One is go to School.  Go to Night School.  Mattie Rawls said she would teach him but he never went.

Picture  (Dewitt, Debbra, Timothy and Wayne, Theodore and Jane Allen)  Missing is Theodore Jr.

Moved to Sandy Bottom about 1990.  He bought the house from Louise Wells who lived in Chuckatuck.

Debbra helped him furnish his new house.

From 45:00 on just us talking about our aches and pains.