Interview with Nancy Lambdin

Nancy is 87 and was born in the Gilliam home in Chuckatuck  This home was built in 1916.  She was delivered by Dr. Parker from Smithfield.

Picture of the house Miss Patty lived in along with the old well is in the Gilliam folder.

The old Gilliam home was made into apartments.  She spent a lot of time at the old Gilliam home.

Three girls,  Judith, Francis and Nancy.  Poor mother and Aunt Rosa had to can all of those vegetables that Mr. Gilliam grew.  Miss Rosa lived for a few years after Mrs Gilliam died.

Judith and my mother went to beauty school together.  They lived together and worked in a beauty salon in Norfolk.

Aunt Ella lived in the home that I lived in in Chuckatuck.

9:00  discusses the houses in Chuckatuck.

Mrs Gilliam started boarding teachers after the girls left the house.

11;30  Started talking about what they did in Chuckatuck.  Judith was a lady like person while Nancy and Francis could not wait to get out of the house and do things.  Talks about going to the marl hole and swimming with the guys.  Talks about a drunk drowning in the Marl hole and that ended the swimming for a period of time.  Mrs Spady did not want any of her children to go near the marl holes.

16:00  Talks about other things she did in Chuckatuck when she was growing up like going to the stores, to the ice plant and gris mill.  Mr. Doyle worked in the grist mill and watched his grind up corn into corn meal.

17:00  Talks about the Gibneys and how they taught them how to dance.  19:00  Talks about the Christensen.

20:00  Talks about Mr. Smiley and how he was responsible for building the JR Bridge.  They boarded with Mrs Gilliam

Mr. Bailey was the basketball coach and he boarded with the Eley’s.

25:15  she talks about how the teachers made out with only one bath and five or six people in the house.

27:30  Talks about her going to have an operation (not related to historical)

29:30  Talks about marriage etc.  About her children and their educations.

36:30  She talks about her parents and what they did as well as what the kids did.

41:15  Talks about calling Lewis Edwards Jack Tar.  He was killed later in life when another black man called him Jack Tar.  (he cut my granddad Chapman’s yard all the time)  She also talked about Crazy Kress.  (ot sure who she was but might need to check on it.)  Every Saturday Miss Patty met her Insurance man and paid him the 50 cents she owed for her insurance.

They used to skate down to the bridge.  Mrs Powell had a concrete sidewalk but she did not want anyone skating on it as it would make holes in it.  Talks about how they would run up ring her door bell then run and hid behind My Grandmothers fence.

Talks about the Powells being members of Wesley Chapel and how she would put a bat on a stick and chase the kids.

1st grade school teacher was Virginia Williams.  Liked how she use to read Little Black Sambo.  She grew up with Addie Rawls Moore and liked to play with her in the yard behind their house.  They climbed the fence in the back yard and got on top of the buildings and dance and just had a good time.  Getting down was a little more difficult for Nancy that Addie Rawls.

Talked about Percy Pitt and how big he was.  He could stand straight up and would float without any help.

The future Governor gave the commencement speech at Chuckatuck in 1940-42  when Nancy graduated.

59:03  Talks about Cutie Christopher as the principal

60:30  Highlight of growing up in Chuckatuck was how all of the kids played together and with limited bicycles they walked and or took turns and rode on the bike.  Talks about having three people on the bicycle at one time.

Talks about the Christensens and the Woodards.

70:00  Not related to any historical data.