Interview with Bobby Jones

Born July 15, 1930 in Isle Wight County at Shoals Bay.  Moved to Chuckatuck Jan 16, 1961.  Came here from Simpsons Pharmacy in Smithfield.  Fred Morgan talked Bobby into coming to Chuckatuck.  Dr. Thomas was dispensing medicine at this time and wanted to stop.

(4:15)  goes through how the drug store was constructed etc. as well its operations for the next several years.  Peggy Ashley was his first employee. Closed in November of 1997.

Pharmacy was open for 36 years.

Some of the interesting people were:  Drugstore was a central gathering point in Chuckatuck.  Talks about Mills Godwin and Ray Knight.  A colored gentlemen by the name of Riddick would stop by after having a few nips.  Police found him in the ditch and said they were going to charge him with being drunk in public.  Riddick says NO Sir I am drunk in the ditch.

12:30  Talked about his pool in his backyard.  Chris graduated from MCV in 1982 the same year that Barbara discovered she had cancer.

Talked about decorating the store.  Talked about Dorothy loving to come into the store after Christmas for sale items.

16:00 Talks about Rachel (2 years old) taking off and going to the drugstore.  Talks about the kids coming by from school getting drinks etc.

18:40  Felt at home on day one in Chuckatuck.  Graduated from MCV in 1953

22:25  Talks about Stan Leister who helped him in the drugstore.  Also his trips that he earned through his drug business.

25:00  Talks about when Dr. Thomas will retire.

26:40  Talks about Miss Daisey  and how she was as a neighbor.

32:25  Talks about Chris getting involved in politics.

36:00  Talks about selling lots behind his house.

38:00  His fondest memory of Chuckatuck was the gathering of children at his house as the center of entertainment for kids and grownups.  Bobby had the second pool in Chuckatuck.  After the death of Barbara he had it filled in.

42:30  Most colorful person in Chuckatuck is Dr. Thomas.  Talks about calling in prescriptions.    Talks about he and John Kelly going to pick up some items from Michigan and all the problems he had.

He was a member of the Volunteer Fire Dept and the Ruritan Club.

52:00-58:00  Talks about people, Richard Gayle, others and the Drug Store.