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None of Suffolk’s post offices will be closing under an efficiency plan announced by the U.S. Postal Service on Friday. he post offices in Chuckatuck and other Suffolk areas had their retail hours cut this fall, to the ire of many local residents and business owners. However, the Chuckatuck station now is open 24 hours a day for post office box access, Sansone said. An upgraded security system had to be installed before the lobby could be open around the clock.

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Honoring History in the Face of Progress: Suffolk News Herald

Recognizing the fact that things are changing in the city’s villages, too, the Chuckatuck Historical Foundation, a group of private citizens in the old community, is working to do its part to preserve the history that would be forgotten as new residents move into the area, as new developments swallow up old farms and as old buildings are replaced by new ones.

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Book Project Nears Completion: Suffolk News Herald

The Chuckatuck Historical Foundation is making its last call for pictures and information to be included in a book on the area’s history. The foundation has drafted a schedule and hired editors that will help them navigate from the written information and compiled photographs to the priced and finished product.

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